CME Transcripts

As an accredited provider designating activities for AMA PRA category 1 credit™, the AAOS must keep a record of the actual number of credits awarded to individual physician participants in the activities they sponsor. Physician participants are ethically obligated to claim only those credits that he/she actually spent in an educational activity. Credits are calculated on an hour for hour basis. It is the physician’s responsibility to claim credits based on actual hour for hour participation. Example: a two-hour instructional course is worth up to 2 hours, depending on the actual time spent in the activity.

AAOS provides the CME Transcript System as a convenience for its members and other users. Your use of the CME Transcript System constitutes your consent to AAOS’s use of your submitted data for the intended purpose (e.g., monitoring and tracking your CME credits and reporting to the ABOS) and is subject to the terms of the AAOS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The online AAOS Learning Portfolio helps you keep track of your MOC progress. View your earned credits by event and year and check what you need to complete.

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